Summer Farm Camp

Come experience life down on the farm! Through character building & team work activities, forge memories & friendships that last a lifetime. Daily goat milking and horseback riding... Bottle feeding baby goats... the fun is never ending during farm camp!


Farm Life 101 - Summer Farm Camp             

Age: 7-15
Time: 9am - 3:30pm - Mon-Fri
Cost: $250 / week

Mini Farm Camp     

Age: 4-7
Time: 9am - 1:00pm - 3 days/wk
Cost: $100 / session

Campers will be assigned a baby goat "kid" and dairy goat for the week of camp! (Shared with one fellow teammate). Bottle feeding your kid & milking your dairy goat are daily tasks for Farm Life 101 campers. 

Campers will have their own personal blog for the week!  Updating daily, with assistance by our camp counselors. Pictures taken during every camp day, too! 

We will have our "farm photographers" taking pictures during camp. Treasure the memories your child had during camp, and enjoy sharing them with friends!

* Blogging
* Processing Fiber 

* Spinning Yarn
Daily Goat Cuddles
* Zip Line
* Lip Balm Making 
* Cheese Making 
* Pizza Making
* Ice Cream Making 
* Pictures Galore! 
* and MUCH, MUCH More!

* Horseback Riding 

* Horsemanship Training
* Care for Horses & Tack
* Leather Crafts 
* Goat Milking 
* Bottle Feeding Baby Goats 

* Farm Chores

* Goat Showing 
* Team Work 
* Animal Care
* Soap Making

* Horseback riding
* Themed crafts & prizes daily

* Activities related to camp theme
* Milk a dairy goat
* Learn proper care for horse tack
* Bottle-feed baby goats

* Hand feed different farm animals
* Participate in minor farm chores
* Play with small animals
* Activities with the miniature horse
* Groom & learn basic care for horses
* Care for miniature cow & goats
* Ninja obstacle course
* Zip line
* and MUCH, MUCH More!