FAQ - Summer Farm Camp

What is the status of 2021 summer camps?

2021 Camps ARE happening! Activities are 99% outdoors and campers will work in groups of no more than 6 per team. Ourr summer camp program ran fully in 2020, and we're excited to offer farm & horse camps again this year!

I see there are "themes" for the 3-day mini farm camp... what are they?

We offer "themes" during the mini farm camp sessions, so a child can attend 2 different weeks and not have the same crafts/prizes. The farm activities will remain the same (horseback riding, goat milking, bottle feeding, etc).

The themes refer to the "prizes" they receive, the individual crafts they make, and select theme-related activities.

2021 themes: "Horsin' Around" & "EGGcellent Adventure"

"Horsin' Around" will have horse related crafts & prizes. Please realize that horse riding is still included in ALL our mini farm camps.

"EGGcellent Adventure" will have crafts & prizes that are... CHICK related! While we plan to have chicks during this particular session... we hope to have chicks throughout the summer for most of our camps!

Can’t choose? Send your child to both camp sessions, we’re sure they’ll have a blast!

Should I register my child for multiple sessions? ​

If your summer schedule and budget allows it... YES! Children will enjoy camp, whether it be 1 session or 3! We have a variety of campers that attend multiple sessions throughout the summer. We suggest to not delay on registering for sessions, as we usually fill up BEFORE summer camps begin.

Can I request my child to be with their friends?

Yes! Our summer camps will be working in groups or teams during their session! Team requests MUST be made in advance, as group assignments are done before camp begins.

Does my child need to bring a lunch? ​

YES! All camps include a designated snack & lunch time. Please be sure to pack them a bagged lunch, snacks, & electrolyte drinks. Ice water is available for all campers.

Does registration confirm my child's spot? ​

No, simply completing the registration form does NOT confirm their spot. Receipt of payment is the only guaranteed way to confirm your spot.

Can my child attend for only certain days? ​

We do not offer a discounted rate if you attend for less days. Please realize when you register that you're paying for the entire session, whether your child misses a day due to a scheduling conflict or because of sickness.

What is your refund policy? ​

There are no camp refunds. Camp payment confirms your child's spot and is NON-refundable and NON-transferable. Sickness, scheduling conflicts, no longer can attend... payment is NON-refundable and NON-transferable. We don't process refunds under any circumstances, including anything related to COVID-19.

It won't let me register more than 1 child, what now?

If you've "refreshed" or reloaded the website, and it won't show a blank form, try opening another "tab" or window. If you still have trouble, please contact us and we'll be happy to register the additonal camper(s) on our end!

I can't fiqure out how to pay for camp?

You can pay... Online: Please follow this link to pay online: https://sonridgefarm.square.site/ Phone: Please call us at 704-734-0809 Mail: Mail check(s) to "SonRidge Farm" at 246 Wright Rd, Kings Mountain, NC 28086

My child is 7 years old... should s/he attend the week-long or 3-day session?

Our week-long camps are a fast-pace, very hands-on farm camp. They'll participate in lots of exciting activities and get ample farm education. The 3-day mini camp is geared towards younger children, and easy enough a 4 year old can do it. We leave the choice up to you... but our suggestion is: Week-long: If your 7 year old enjoys farm animals and wants to be very hands-on during camp 3-day mini: If your 7 year old is curious about farm animals, but very timid around other children, not sure about animals, & content with slow pace activities