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For Sale

From time to time we will have animals offered for sale.  If you're interested in something specific, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Holland Lop Rabbits

Holland lops are our favorite breed of rabbits, and great pets for a family. 


Our Holland Lops are handled daily and socialized well by youth. Beautiful coloring, small in size, and friendly!


Contact us to get on the wait-list for our upcoming litters!

Baby Goats

Get on a waiting list for bottle raised baby goats!  

We sell baby goats on a bottle or once weaned off a bottle!

Bucklings & Wethers will be available as pets, and we'll have doelings available as well. Prices range from $200-$350. 

We breed miniature goats (Nigeran Dwarf), full size dairy goats, and miniature crosses (medium size). 

Mini Pigs

Interested in owning a mini pig?  


Our Mini pigs hold a very special place in our heart and on our farm. Mini pigs are very special and unique animals. If you understand their personalities, and quirks, owners bond to them, like the pigs were their own children.

Contact us to get on our wait-list for the next litter!

Dairy Goats

Looking for an adult or yearling dairy goat?  Ours are bred for quality, milk supply, confirmation, color, and friendliness.


Adult dairy goats have been hand-milked, and handled constantly by visitors and children.

We occasionally have adults for sale in the Fall/Winter. 

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