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Horseback Riding Lessons

Interested in riding lessons?  We offer lessons for all ages of youth riders!

Beginner friendly, educational, and super fun!  Learn more about horses while becoming a better rider. 

*Lessons are for pleasure riding only, we don't do competitions*

Riding lessons are taught by Allison (the owner), along with 2 other riding instructors (Jonie & Megan). 

Contact us if you're interested in joining our wait-list for weekly riding lessons! 

Riding Lessons

1/2 hour  ................................ 



1 hour     ................................




Riding lessons are offered weekly, both during the day & in the afternoon. (Mon-Thur).

We recommend the 1/2 hour lessons for students under the age of 5 years old. 

Students 6 and up usually excel best with 1 hour lessons. 

Lessons are beginner friendly and will teach all the basics of caring for and riding a horse. 

Afterschool lessons are all 1 hour time slots. 

All 1 hour lessons will begin each session with a minimum of 20 min of "ground" time (leading, grooming, saddling, and bridling the horse) and the remaining lesson time will be spent riding.  

(1/2 hour lessons spend at least 15 min with ground time)

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