Workshops & Classes


The options are endless with workshops, so be sure to ask if you're looking for something specific.  We love to teach others and help people expand their own knowledge.  Take a cheese-making class, or learn how to make your own goat milk soap!

Workshops are priced per person. We provide the instruction and activities, but you are responsible for scheduling the class AND participants.  The minimum charge applies even if you don't have 10 people participating. 

We also travel! Perfect for events, group settings, church groups, etc.    **Fuel charge & transportation fees apply**

Mozzarella Cheese

Learn how to make mozzarella cheese from goat's milk.  Participating in the step-by-step cheese-making process, and even taking a turn "working the curds".

Taste your final product when you're finished!



Ages 8 and up  

$15/person (minimum of 10 people / $150 charge)

Cheesemaking & Pizza

Make goat milk mozzarella and participate in the step-by-step cheese-making process. Even taking a turn "working the curds".

Make homemade pizza crust then top with your freshly made mozzarella. Enjoy the final product (breadsticks too!) with your fellow classmates. 


Ages 8 and up  

$20/person (minimum of 10 people / $200 charge)

Spinning Yarn

Learn about different types of fiber, the different animals that have fiber/hair... and try your hand at spinning wool into yarn! 

Take home a sample of the spun & unspun wool. 



Ages 10 and up  

$15 per person (minimum of 10 people / $150 charge)

Goat Milk Soap

Try your hand at soap making! You'll learn how to make a lye based soap from goat's milk, and even participate in the step-by-step process.  Milk a dairy goat before getting started. (if in season)

Each participant will make & take a round-bar of soap home with them, in a disposable mold. 


Ages 8 and up  

$15/person (minimum of 10 people / $150 charge)

Blogging Workshop
Goat Husbandry 101 

Create your very own blogging account, and learn how to maintain it yourself. 

*Each child needs permission from their parents, and will need an email address*


Ages 8 and up 

$100 flat rate (Price will vary, depending on group size)

Learn the tips of the trade about goat care.  From health, feed, and dairy purposes, to preparing for kidding season. 

Perfect for preparing yourself, before getting goats... or just learning more!  



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