FAQ - Birthday Parties

Party Booking

I see there is a $50 deposit, is that in addition to the party price?

The $50 deposit is deducted from your total party cost!
Example: Party costs $150, you pay the $50 deposit to book your party and only pay $100 at the event.

Can a book a party for longer than 2 hours?

Yes! Parties include 2 hours here at the farm, but additional time can be added for an extra cost. We must schedule this ahead of time, otherwise we'll likely have another event directly after yours. If you're considering a longer party, be sure to talk with us when booking!

What age can have a party?

All ages! We most commonly do parties for younger guests, but have done quite a few "Sweet Sixteen" birthdays over the years! If you're not sure a farm party is right for you, give us a call and we'd be happy to help!

Do you book parties year round?

Yes. Parties are available to be booked year round here at the farm

How do I pay the balance?

We can accept cards or cash for the remaining amount at the party.

How do I book the party?

You can book your party over the phone (704-734-0809) or by emailing us: mail@SonRidgeFarm.com Once we've confirmed that we have the date/time you're interested in, the deposit can be placed over the phone or online (we'll email you the link).

I have a question & don't see it here?

Have you checked the other "categories" above? (Booking, Horse Riding, Party Package Info, & "Other") If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Contact us with any questions you may have and we'll be happy to help. Have a suggested question we should list here? Let us know!

Horse Riding at Parties

What type of horse riding is included?

If you have chosen a party that includes horse riding, all guests are welcome to ride.

All rides are "lead line", which means each guest will be led when on the horse (regardless of age or experience level).

What about helmets?

Helmets are provided (and required) for any mounted rider, along with "hair nets" to be worn underneath.

What size horse(s) do you use?

We only use full size horses (NO ponies!) to insure the best training, & safety for our guests. Using average "full size" horses, means we're able to ride them consistently, and also gives us the ability to have staff ride with a young child! Any horse used during our parties are also used in our summer camps, riding lessons, & events

My child rides horses, does s/he have to be led?

All horse riding at parties are "lead line" rides, where guests are led by a staff member.
The only exception for this is:

If the birthday child is a current riding student of ours, and we personally know their riding ability. No rider will be going faster than a walk during any party.

How long is the horse ride?

Length of horse rides will depend on the number of children riding. If there are fewer kids, each child can ride for a longer period or receive multiple rides. For a larger group of children, they'll each receive 1 ride. If you want to insure longer or more frequent horse rides, you are welcome to add an additional horse to the party!

What can guests do while they're waiting to ride?

Great question!
All guests are welcome to continue playing with small animals (bunnies, baby goats, or animals in the barn), lead a baby goat, zip-line, or play on the ninja line while waiting their turn for the horse (or after they rode).

Party Package Info

I see that milking & bottle feeding are seasonal?

That's correct. Our dairy goats are given the ENTIRE Winter off! We only milk goats Spring-Fall. Our schedule for bottle feeding/milking for 2020 is late April-November Even if we don't have these 2 activities available, all guests will still be able to feed a myriad of other farm animals!

What animals do we get to feed?

If you've booked a party that includes feeding the animals, you're in for a treat!
Hand feeding can include: Treats to horses, goats, alpacas, donkeys, a miniature cow, rabbits, and an angora goat (looks like a sheep!). Bottle feeding baby goats is seasonal (late April-November)

What type of animals will we get to see?

Our farm animals include: A miniature Zebu cow, miniature donkeys, horses, alpacas, dairy goats, baby goats, holland lop rabbits, an angora goat (looks like a sheep), goose, chickens & mini pigs.

How do we pick a package?

If you or your child aren't quite sure what package to book, please give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss any of them in further detail! You aren't required to choose a package before booking the party.

Other Party Info

What is your refund policy? ​

Your $50 deposit books your party. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. The only situation this changes, is if rainy weather will impact the event and a rain-date is unable to be scheduled. (Deposit is only available to be refunded if the decison is made 24 hours BEFORE the event date/time, due to staff already being scheduled)

Do you travel offsite?

Yes. We can transport animals and will travel for events. Visit our "Petting Zoo" page, and then contact us for more details.

Do you have a "party" area?

Yes. We have picnic tables set up and available to be used. The "area" is outdoors (in front of our barn), under an area of trees. You are welcome to use the trees to decorate. IF weather is an issue, tables can be moved into the barn aisle.

Tables & chairs available:

4 wooden picnic tables

4ft & 6ft plastic tables

15-20 additional chairs

Can we bring food?

Yes. Most people have (at least) light snacks & cake/cupcakes. Common meals at parties include: sandwiches, pizza, hotdogs/burgers, or crockpot style food.

If you're doing food, we highly recommend to EAT first and then do animal activities afterwards.

What about weather?

We do host parties year-round (even in the WINTER & SUMMER!). If a storm is looking likely, we'll ask for you to schedule a rain-date.

For light rain, we do provide the option of having the party in the barn.

If scheduling a party in the winter, please warn guests to dress properly! (coats & gloves).

Parties scheduled in the summer will still have ample shade, but we do suggest having coolers with iced drinks available for guests.