Pack of 5 mini sea shells! Great for guest bathrooms, gifts, travel soap, and more! 

Goat Milk Soap - Sea Shell Packs

  • About the product
    My product, as a soap, is unique. Since milk-based soaps don't easily release from the mold, you will find very few shaped milk-based soaps. Another interesting fact about my product is the milk. When I make soap, I use fresh, raw milk from my own dairy goats. The milk is not canned, so the milk does not have that "goaty" smell that many people associate with processed goat milk. I also use palm, coconut and olive oil, as opposed to the more commonly used safflower oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil.
    This soap works wonders on very delicate skin - and I've got many customers that buy it for family members with eczema.